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$1,250,000.00 $1,250,000.00

Aggravation of preexisting low back injury

$100,000.00 Settlement for Insurance policy limits.

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$310,000.00. Settlement during jury selection.

Client was an elderly woman who was knocked to the ground when she was hit by an automatic door that malfunctioned. She suffered an injury to her back which resulted in pain radiating down her leg. She suffered a subsequent fall resulting in a fractured ankle which her doctors believed was partly due to her leg symptoms from the automatic door injury. The defendants argued that they were not at fault because they had no warning that the automatic door was not working properly. During litigation evidence was uncovered that the defendants did not perform required inspections and safety checks on the door.

$1,386,000.00. Settlement after trial.
$1,056,000.00. Settlement after trial.
$858,000.00. Settlement after trial.

Clients were three males who were exposed to chemicals from an insulation product that was negligently applied on a construction site they were working at. They developed respiratory symptoms that persisted and they were subsequently diagnosed with occupational asthma.

$240,000.00. Settlement.

Client was a young male who worked at a recycling yard. While he was unhooking a steel cable from a dumpster that had just been unloaded from a truck, his foot was caught between the dumpster and the truck. The truck driver denied that he was negligent and claimed that the client stepped between the dumpster and his truck. The client suffered a laceration and compression injury to a tendon in his ankle.

$254,000.00. Arbitration Award.

Client was a 50 year old male who was hit from behind while driving an oil delivery truck. The truck sustained moderate damage and no ambulance was required but the client developed progressively worsening neck complaints. His orthopedic doctor subsequently indicated that he was a candidate for spinal surgery on his neck.

$500,000.00. Settlement for insurance policy limits.

Client was a male in his fifties who was hit by a van at low speed while he was walking in the parking lot of a large box store. He experienced severe pain in his lower back and eventually required surgery to repair a lumbar disc injury.

$225,000.00. Settlement.

Client was a young woman who lived in an apartment complex. One evening after returning home from work, she slipped and fell on a layer of ice that was just outside her front door. She suffered a fractured ankle. The apartment complex denied liability and claimed that they had treated the ice earlier that same day. Photographs taken by the client’s sister immediately after the incident clearly showed thick ice present just in front of the door.

$723,500.00 Settlement.

Client was a 43 year old woman who worked as an assistant in a medical office. While she was opening a cabinet in the break room, the top hinge of the cabinet door let go and the door hit her on the forehead. She suffered from post-concussive symptoms that triggered a neuropsychological disorder resulting in the need for extensive psychological treatment. There was evidence that the loose hinge had been reported to maintenance prior to the time the client was injured.

$200,000.00. Settlement

Client was a 62 year old woman who stopped into a national chain convenience store to grab a cup of coffee. When she stepped out of her car she immediately slipped and fell on black ice and suffered a shoulder injury that eventually required surgery. The store employees had not put any sand or salt on the black ice although it had been present for some time.

$450,000.00. Settlement.

Client was a 23 year old laborer working on a new home construction project. He was helping to carry a bathtub up a set of temporary stairs when the stairs collapsed. He suffered an ankle fracture that required arthroscopic surgery. A construction expert found that the temporary stairs had been improperly constructed.

$160,000.00 Settlement.

Client was a 65 year old visiting nurse who was making a house call when she was bit on the foot by a dog at the patient’s residence. The dog bite became infected and the client required surgery on her foot to remove the infected tissue.

$480,000.00 Settlement.

Client was a 62 year old truck driver who was dropping off a trailer at a truck yard and picking up another one. While hooking up the new trailer he slipped and fell on ice that had accumulated between the parked trailers at the truck yard and suffered a fracture of his left leg. The property owner had failed to properly remove snow and ice from the truck yard.

$240,000.00 Settlement.

Client was a commercial roofer that was instructed to help move a heavy rooftop compressor unit with 3 other workers. The unit was supposed to have been moved with a crane but the contractor decided to have it moved manually. While the unit was being lifted, the weight shifted and the client suffered a back injury.

$300,000.00 Settlement for insurance policy limits

Client was hit from behind while stopped at a traffic light. She complained of back pain at the scene but declined ambulance transport. She suffered from persistent neck and back pain and eventually had surgery on her neck.

$350,000.00 Settlement.

Client was a 60 year old male who delivered soda cannisters to restaurants. While carrying empty soda cannisters out of the restaurant, he slipped and fell on ice just outside the rear service door resulting in a torn meniscus that required surgery.

$600,000.00. Settlement

Client was a 57 Year old male riding as a passenger in a tractor trailer The roads were slippery due to freezing rain and the driver slid off the roadway into a ditch. The client suffered several fractures including a compression fracture in his back. During litigation evidence was uncovered that the driver was taking back roads to avoid toll booths which allowed the driver to manipulate the log book and exceed Federal driving hours-of-service regulations.

$300,000.00 Settlement for insurance policy limits.

Client was 21 year old male passenger injured when the driver lost control due to speed and hit tree. Client suffered a deviated septum and an ankle injury that required arthroscopic surgery.

$250,000.00 Settlement.

Client was a 64 year old woman that was sideswiped by a car that drifted over the center line of the roadway. Client did not feel seriously injured at the scene but subsequently developed increasing pain in her neck, low back and left hip. She required injections for her low back pain.

$650,000.00 Settlement.

Client was a 56 year old woman who was stopped in her car when a tractor trailer backed into her at low speed. She suffered an aggravation of a previous neck surgery and eventually required a revision surgery